USB Wall Mounted Charger

USB Powered Smartphone/Tablet Wall Mounted Charger

Series: i18-USB iPowerStation
Type: Wall Mounted Charger & Tablet Dock Station for all USB powered Smartphone & Tablet
Compatible Phone Manufacturer: All USB powered Smartphone and Tablet*
Output: 5V / 1 amps (1000mA)

110-240V | 50~60Hz

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 Color  Black    Color  Pink  Color  White

Product Description: The power station was designed to provide user convenience to charge their USB powered Samrtphone on a wall mounted base unit. At the meantime, it can be served as a tablet docking stand; with its universal functions that is good for home, office and travel environments. With charging output of 5V/1A amps, the power station  can provide virtually all of your Smartphone power consumption; and provide a compact dock station  to hold and charge your tablet.


Product Compatibility:

It supports all USB powered Smartphone and Tablet



1 Cordless Wall Mounted Charger; good for all rooms
2 Compact Smartphone Charger & Tablet Docking Station combo pack
3 User friendly design and proud display unit